Specialists are the same CryptoKitties-NFT in your gang who are trained in special skills. The cost to play a specialist will depend on the effect the skill has on the game.

To train your cat, it must fit certain requirements:

  • You need a manual to instruct the Kitty*
  • The kitten must have a genetic predisposition to be a certain type of specialists

manual is a special kind of resource that player receives as rewards in PVE campaigns, tournaments and during account progression. This is an ERC-20 token that we transfer to your ethereum wallet.

Genetic predisposition is a necessary combination of your crypto kitten’s genes. This is similar to the recipe of fancy cats in CryptoKitties.


*To facilitate the gameplay in the KotoWars Alpha, you don’t need to train specialists using the manual.


Existing types of specialists:
TypeEffectCostRecipeBadgeExample View
HealerHeals your champion on the amount of HP equal to specialists defense**2Cloudwhite
PoisonerPoisons Stitches on 3 damage per round. Stacks up2Spangled
HerbalistCures poison and adds regeneration +1
Does not stack
MagicianDraws 3 cards from your deck3Ganado
Mad ArcherDeals damage to all enemies before player’s action phase. Damage/HP depend on parameters***3Henna


Cat parameters:


**“Healer” is a specialist who heals your champion on the amount of HP equal to their defense. This is important because defense and attack depend on cat’s fur cattribute: the more defense cat gets the less attack they have.

The best healers are:

  • Cloudwhite + Pouty + Ragdoll (1–15) — heals the champion by 15 hp
  • Cloudwhite + Pouty + Persian (1–15) — heals the champion by 15 hp

More combative healers:

  • Cloudwhite + Pouty + Lykoi (9–7) — heals the champion by 7 hp
  • Cloudwhite + Pouty + Chartreux (6–10) — heals the champion by 10hp


***”Mad Archer” is a specialist who deals damage to all enemies before player’s action phase. Attack and defense of MadArcher follow the formula based on attack and defense characteristics of its fur.


  • 1-5: 1
  • 6-10: 2
  • 11-15: 3


  • 1-5: 5
  • 6-10: 10
  • 11-15: 15

Some examples:

  • Savannah Mad Archer will be 3-5
  • Cymric Mad Archer will be 2-10
  • Toyger Mad Archer will be 1-15


There is a special search input in the Gang Builder where you can enter the cattributes and find corresponding kitties.


You can read more about the basic principles here