Kotowars Arena Ranking (KAR) and Dapper Verification

The KotoWars Arena Champions will be ranked by KAR. The ranking formula still in test and development.
Currently, KAR considers the rank of both players, so playing against stronger opponent player gets more reward and less risk and vice versa.

KAR was implemented to add fairness to the leaderboards’ formation. The strongest champions that spent more time thinking through strategies and playing should earn more prizes.

The other step in that direction is Dapper Verification, which we introduced in Season 12.

Bots and multiple accounts annoy players. It kills the fun and violates statistics and leaderboards. To prove that a user is not a robot and to make multi-accounting more difficult we created a Dapper Verification.

KotoWars Arena Season 1 doesn’t require Dapper Verification, but we plan to add it in the future seasons to prove the humanity of the KotoWars players. You can find the verification option at the account page.