Furry Brawls

Furry Brawls are special hours when we invite all Purriors to play KotoWars Arena.

When: between 1pm and 3pm PDT (08–10 PM UTC) on Saturday.

KotoWars Arena is the best way to grow players’ collections of cryptokitties. Every two weeks ten best champions get cryptokitties according to their rank.

Currently, the best way to find an opponent in KotoWars is to join our Discord.
There, you can negotiate with other Purriors the time to fight. Also, our bot sends notifications to the #arena channel when someone joins the room.



KotoWars players live in different timezones. In May, we conducted a survey to understand the best time for future tournaments. The result of the survey shows that the most convenient time for the community to play KotoWars is between 1pm and 3pm PDT (08–10 PM UTC) on Saturday.

We called these hours on Saturday as Furry Brawls and plan to use it in the future community events. We invite every player to plan their time and come to take part in Furry Brawls.