How to win Stitches


To make this campaign funnier and more competitive we are holding the contest among players. A player with the best score at the end of the event will be awarded with Stitches fancy.


08.11.18 Update: Hey guys and gals, we got new prizes for the participants!

Now Top Three of the leaderboard will get swag pack from CryptoKitties! That’s why we decided to extend our contest for a week, so that everyone can have time to participate and send a screenshot with their score. (To get these swag packs you should be ready to send CryptoKitties your full adress, email and phone)

The event will last until 18.11 to 11.11 AM PDT. We will announce the winner shortly after the deadline.


You can see the score in the end of every battle. You can take screenshot manually or via using “make Screenshot” button. Then you need to send us the file or a link to the image in discord in channel #score-screenshots. 

Only those who send a screenshot will participate in the contest.

Your can find the best results here.


Also please keep in mind that you need to be online at the end of the round for the game to send your score to us. You can read more about the game mechanics here.




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