Game process in Kotowars invites users to fill decks with their cryptokitties and then try to reduce opponents health points to zero. Card parameters depend on the cat’s cattributes at CryptoKitties. Specialists is one of the ways to balance combat mechanics. Elements will introduce a magical system that diversifies the gameplay.

KATs are special ERC-20 tokens on the blockchain Ethereum released in order to encourage players, who are testing our alpha version.


KotoWars cards


Stitches Invasion demo campaign is a testing ground for early adopters, where players should fight against the tough monster. Mechanics is very simple. Player score points based on the damage dealt to Stitches.



Kotowars win or defeat


All announcements and messages will be published in our discord channel. Also there we are waiting for your feedback. Feel free to join our telegram channel and read twitter and medium posts. 


Windows, MacOS, and Android versions you can download here.