KotoWars Halloween event


Hello fellas!


KotoWars is a semi-blockchain cryptocollectible card game from KittyVerse.

Here players can fight with their cryptokitties against other players and go through tough campaigns with cosmetic rewards for their cats as another ERC-721 tokens.

Game process in Kotowars invites users to fill decks with their cryptokitties and then try to reduce opponents health points to zero. Card parameters depend on cat’s cattributes at CryptoKitties. Elements will introduce magical system that diversify the gameplay.

At the moment KotoWars is in development and we would like to hear your opinions and wishes about the game.


KotoWars cards


To have fun for this Halloween we prepared a demo campaign, which starts the storyline of KotoWars Universe. Stitches Invasion is the game where player should fight against tough monster. Mechanics is very simple. You will score points based on the game results.

The winner of this event will receive the reward – mint Stitches#466More information about the conditions of the contest can be found here.

The event will last until 11.11 to 11.11 AM PDT. We will announce the winner shortly after the deadline


Kotowars win or defeat


All announcements and messages will be published in our discord channel. Also there we are waiting for your feedback and screenshots with highest score that you could take. Feel free to join our telegram channel and read twitter posts. There we will report about all project changes in future.


Windows and MacOS versions you can download here.