KotoWars is a semi-blockchain game based on CryptoKitties tokens.

In KotoWars, players can fight with their cryptokitties against other players and go through tough campaigns with cosmetic rewards for their cats as another ERC-721 tokens.


At the moment KotoWars is in development and we would like to hear your opinions and wishes about the game. We are holding biweekly Alpha-seasons upon completion of which we are rewarding players from leaderboard with cryptokitties and KATs.

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06.02.19 – Season 11, Add Charmer and Sniper to the Arena
05.20.19 – Season 10, Fixed bugs, add Dapper support
05.05.19 – Season 9, Add specialists to the Arena
04.22.19 – Season 8: Arena, Add multiplayer (medium)
04.15.19 – Season 7: Anticipation. Shedding light on a new design and multiplayer (medium)
03.30.19 – Season 6: Reinforcement, Open Authorization (medium)
03.12.19 – Season 5: Progression. Glance of multiplayer (medium)
03.03.19 – Season 4: Love and Rage, Game Items (medium)
02.12.19 – Season 3: Mercenaries, new specialists and tavern (medium)
01.25.19 – Season 2: Poison, cryptokitties as prizes (medium)
01.14.19 – Season 1: Heal, start of the game (medium)
01.13.19 – Special cryptokitties in Kotowars, customizing your gang (medium)
01.10.19 – How Kotowars interprets the CryptoKitties NFTs, kitties parameters (medium)
01.08.19 – Kotowars Alpha Tokens (medium)
12.22.18 – KotoWars – play with your cryptokitties, description (medium)